What is crossbows?

The term crossbow was derived from its construction. It is a bow that is mounted and fixed on a wooden stock, forming a cross. The wooden stock is created with various grooves where the bowstring is latched and to hold the arrow in place.

The Secret of the Crossbows

Crossbows has been considered to be one of the most formidable weapons used up to the Middle Ages. The use of crossbows can be traced back to about 2,000 years ago in ancient China. Chinese military have developed crossbows during the ancient times and have mastered the use of this weapon that it had been considered to be one of the reasons for many of ancient China’s conquest triumphs.

What made crossbows so effective is its design. Traditional archer bows would require the user to hold it steadily in order to ensure that a straight shot will be fired to reach the target. This made it quite challenging when the archer would be on horseback or on the move, which usually happens during combat. Crossbows provided the user more stability as compared to other existing archery equipment used during this time. This made the user of crossbows to use this effectively whether stationary or on the move.

The firing mechanism of crossbows is another contributing factor to the success of the crossbow as a preferred weapon during the ancient times. Because of the fact that the crossbow used a number of mechanical functions, it is able to allow the user to stretch the bowstring farther than what can usually be done manually. This can be stretched for a longer period in time as the user lies patiently in wait for the right moment to strike. When the latch is released, it is able to launch the arrow at a speed much faster as compared to a traditional archer’s bow. This increase in speed gave the arrow more power to allow it to pierce through the armor that was used during this time.

Crossbows Today

Nowadays, crossbows are mostly used for recreational purposes as compared to military use. It has become the preferred equipment used by avid hunters and sports fishers. The mechanism has become more sophisticated. It is also now manufactured using a number of different materials such as metal.

Modern Types of Crossbows

Today, there are two common types of crossbows that are manufactured and used by outdoor sports enthusiasts. The first type is the compound crossbow. This kind of crossbow uses a cable and pulley system which makes preparing the crossbow more manageable but also provides the crossbow added launching power and speed. The second type is the recursive crossbow. This kind of crossbow is highly recommended for advanced crossbow users since it would require a greater amount of skill to manipulate and handle. Since recursive crossbows can release a louder noise level as compared to the compound crossbow, this particular kind of crossbow would often come with a bowstring silencer to dampen the noise it makes.

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